Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lateral Moves

Question - Why do brawds always leave one guy because they claim he's a loser only to jump right into a relationship with an even bigger loser?? I mean come on ladies!! First of all, If you're leaving any kind of long term relationship you should allow yourself some time on your own. And when you DO decide you're ready to be with somebody WHY in THEE FUCK would you settle for some bullshit?

I just don't get it.

I have this theory about men and about how to be happy in life: I think EVERY man has problems (every woman too, but for the sake of argument I'm just talkin about the fellas right now). A smart woman will not hop from relationship to relationship looking for some greener grass. She will pick one basically decent man that she loves and STICK BY HIM. Learn his problems and love him through them. At least you know what to expect. I guarantee your dumb ass gon' be sorry when you leave a good man who loves you for a douche bag  with just as many problems which are now surprises to you. Rookie move bitch.

And another thing while I'm on this rant: Umm, did it ever occur to you chick, that the grass is never greener because YOUR stank ass is killing it?

I mean, come on. We have problems too ladies - some of us are clingy, some of us are cold, some of us are stalkers, sluts, skanks, etc. Some of us don't have no brains, some of us talk too much and tell too much business. Men gotta put up with a lot of shit too.

If you're sitting around wondering why you have nobody or why it never works, or why you keep attracting losers then maybe you should evaluate YOURSELF and make some changes.

Women (sometimes even me included) love to blame men for all their problems. Well ladies, I challenge you to take responsibility for your own situations. Placing blame elsewhere means you have no power.  It also means that you, my friend, are going to make a lot of lateral moves.


  1. Exactly. "If life keeps asking you the same questions, you ain't learning the lesson"-The Grouch.

  2. Word. To all that.