Thursday, February 18, 2010

Depths of a Thug by Warchild - 2nd Entry

Who wants TRUE Thug Lovin'??

C'mon, walk with me...

Thug Lovin': Who really knows what it is and how to do it?
Here's 10 tips on how to heat her ass up in the privacy of your own bedroom.

1. Know Your Role
Women, let your man lead. To experience Thug Lovin', he must first invoke sensuality to her body from top down, Focusing on frequency rather than friction.

2. Get Beyond That Mental Block
Conflict is like clutter. Clear it up before engaging to make room for intimacy.

3. Activate Intimacy
It's important to create ambiance. Try turning up the room temp to warm the body. (So that pussy will throb and those balls will hang.) Fill the air with the scent of passion, not too strong, and keep the color red around to ignite sensuality. Use candle light to create an intimate mood.

4. Engage Without An Agenda
Take ya time! Transform a physical interaction into a sexual journey. Approach love making as a playful exploration rather than a means to an end. You have to prep that meat before you cook and eat it.

5. It's All In The Kiss...4 Real
Consider the kiss the interview. Use the rhythm, pace and intensity of your kiss to express the kind of lover you are and the qualities you want when you make Thug Lovin'.

6.Breathe Each Other's Breath
Synchronized breathing is one step to arousal. (That "Oneness") Make the heat rise even higher by inhaling and exhaling just inches apart. Eye contact is encouraged to increase intensity. No closed eyes!

7. Express Yourself
When a woman remains silent in bed it's as if she's hiding in a dark room and the dude is fumbling around trying to find her. She can help guide him by using her voice.

8. Learn The Power of Touch
This is key. Use your finger tips and hands (both at the same time) to stimulate your partner's body. The more delicate and subtle the touch, the more powerful the effect.

9.Thugs: Hold That Fire...No Need For a 2nd Wind
To increase endurance while taking her down, try maintaining a slow, regulated breathing pattern. Bring direct contact to a stand still for a few seconds when necessary in order to return to a slow build. The goal is to maintain the same level of excitement from beginning to end. Use multiple positions. Put her every which way. Don't leave a place on her unexplored.

10. Women: Lay Off The Pocket Rocket
Take a break from your "lil friend" if you want to find the flow with your Thug. The truth is, he will never be able to match its frequency. Becoming too familiar with a toy or dildo can result in sexual frustration. It can also lead to pussy and clitoris numbness.

Now consider yourself a lil better off than you were before after reading these steps. TRY them. Utilize them. They will work for you. Ladies, if you have a square, J-cat, L7 or fuckboy and he seems to make you happy in every other area but intimacy - Tell him to look over these tips. It will help.

That Thug Lovin' is healing and exhilarating - just being able to feel that type of energy. No wonder they LUV that THUG PASSION!!

-Warchild AKA urmahs-

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bitch Made Men

Let me start by saying - There's nothing worse than a Bitch Made Man.
I'm sorry, it's harsh, but it's true. Women don't like it and men don't respect it.

Most of these men really never admit to themselves that they are in the "bitch made" category, it's a hard pill to swallow. Most of the soft ass dudes I've come across spend so much time trying to hide their bitchiness that they don't fool anyone but themselves.

I'd like to explore what I think constitutes this unfortunate disorder and whether or not there is a cure.

First let me say that you don't have to be made of steel to be an upstanding guy. You just have to know what you stand for. Be firm but fair, never let anyone run over you, but also don't take advantage of others. Too much of a hard ass is just a douche bag. No one wants to be with a completely cold emotionless bastard.

You don't have to be the type to throw down, but personally, I need to know you can. Also, don't be afraid to check your woman. I don't mean chin-check her ass, but it's Ok to wear the pants and put your foot down at times. I know that I don't like to be with a dude I can walk all over. It's boring. Plus, if you can't check ME - who CAN you check?? I'm not about to have you hiding behind me if some real shit goes down.

Next thing is emotions. It's Ok to be emotional, just don't be feminine. Men don't cry. Sorry, that might be old skool, sexist, whatever you wanna call it, but in my book, unless someone dies - suck it up man. You need to be my shoulder to cry on. That's why you have testicles and I don't, remember?

Now keep in mind that doesn't mean you can't show emotion. You can get upset, or mad, or hurt just like us. Just choose to verbalize it with passion instead of whining. A good woman will recognize when she needs to be strong for you - and she'll do it without ever saying a word. A good woman will be that back bone and that glue that keeps a relationship together. She will always have a back up plan and an "I told you so" for when you fuck up, but she'll still let you be the man and fuck up in the first place.

There's some other key points for me as well:

If you're a hypocrite, that's automatic Bitch Made. A real man will admit to his mistakes and show his steps to change them rather than just say one thing and do another. Be a man of your word because at the end of the day, if you don't have that, you don't have anything anyway.

If you snitch in any way - Bitch Made. Don't throw you're homies under the bus to the cops, their girl, nothin'. Even if they stab you in the back, don't break that code. If you do, you're only disrespecting yourself.

If you wear skinny jeans - Bitch Made!! Sorry, I had to throw this one in. If you borrow pants from your little sister you do not have enough testosterone in your system. Unless we are about to get busy, I don't ever wanna see your knee caps or ball sack.

If you talk a lot but never say nothin' - Bitch Made. Don't speak on an issue unless you are educated enough about the subject to take a stance. Make sure when you open your mouth there is something of substance coming out. You never know who might be listening.

Now that that's all out on the table, I can't stress enough a few things that a REAL MAN does. Don't ever get it twisted for Bitch Made:

Love your woman. Keep her a priority in your crazy life. Make sure she gets the affection and the attention she needs to be fullfilled. A little bit goes a long way. You will be amazed at what a well taken care of woman will do for you. Hold her when she needs it. Kiss her everyday. Tell her you love her. Be her best friend, not just the man that messes up her house and gets her pussy. Listen to her when she talks and validate her feelings.
I promise you it will pay off.

Choose your battles. Don't knock out the dude at the next gas pump because you don't like how he looked at you. Don't flip a nutty on your chick because she said or did something you don't like. Don't act a fool in court because you know your charges are bullshit.

Just because you have the power to fuck shit up doesn't mean you should. Assess the situation and decide how important it is to prove your point. Sometimes you have to be man enough to let it go.

Don't be afraid to reach out. Even the toughest muthafucka in the world needs a hand from time to time. Stay humble. It's Ok to receive help from people close to you. Don't act like the world is against you. If you think you're too good or "too much of a man" to accept an act of love or good will from the right person, you may end up alienating the ones who really matter. Be appreciative and grateful that God put friends or family or a woman in your life to have your back.

As for a cure, I would say if there is one, the first step would be honesty. Take an honest look at yourself and strive to stay true to that. You don't have to be the hardest, richest, hottest or the best at anything in particular. Stop trying to impress everyone and just be you. People always respect it and if they don't then it's because they themselves lack substance. You know the saying...Real Recogize Real. It's true.

So if you feel you might need to man the fuck up - do yourself and the world a favor. Go watch some porn. Go drink a beer. Go to the gun range or a boxing match or something. Put on your "big boy britches" and own your own destiny. Don't be a Bitch Made Muthafucka.

A real man is a diamond in the rough, a true gem. A man with values, beliefs and back bone is priceless and rare. If you are one: don't let this world change you. If you find one: cherish him and hold on to him with both hands.

*special thanks for inspiring this topic goes to @wmburden who is definitely not Bitch Made.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Depths of a Thug by Warchild

First and foremost, I am a real Thug. What you are getting from this blog is true and sometimes personal for me. I'm very excited to share this lifestyle with you all and go into depth about the ups and many downs a person who lives this lifestyle goes through, and also, the people who go through it with him. This is by no means bragging or boasting about the lifestyle. This is only a close look at how "Thuggin" affects ones life. C'mon, walk with me..............

Subject: Should she stay or should she go?

He's never gonna change ! He's a Thug, he'll keep going back to jail. Should she leave him or support him while in jail??

What good is a woman who when a man is out is loyal, but when he's behind those walls leaves him, saying "I can't handle this."?? The truth is, that woman was NEVER loyal. If a woman is in a committed relationship while a man is on the outside she should stay committed to him while he's incarcerrated.

There are exceptions, one being the length of time he's doing. Say he gets a life sentence or 10 - 15 years. That's a long time to be committed to a person that's not gonna be there in the physical. The man incarcerated should also think about that woman. Is it fair to her to have to wait that long for you? For your mistake, something you did?

On the other hand, you said you wanted a bad boy. You said you love the Thugs. So should she love everything that goes with it? Even when friends and family tell her different? - "Girl he aint shit! He stay in and out of jail! What can he do for you in there?" or "Girl, I got somebody for you to meet."

Those are just a few of the things she might hear from her closest friends and relatives. Some succumb to the pressure, mostly younger women who look at 2 yrs (half time = 1 yr prison) or 16 months (half time = 8 mos prison) as a lifetime. Real muthafuckas do that type of time standing on their heads. That's called "wino time" or "short tymer". That's when you don't even mention your sentence, especially around people who are doing years, ya heard?

You find that if you have a little more history with the woman on the outside then the odds of her staying down during a period of incarceration is better. If you only been with the bitch 6 mos to a year, your odds might not be so good. That broad will send you that Dear John letter - have your ass lookin' like Boo Boo lookin' for Yogi.

There ARE exceptions. You might run into one that you have not known that long on the street, ya'll have only spent a little time together, but she wants to stay down with you. Those are Keepers. They let patience have its perfect work and they stand the test of time.

So to all my Thuggs, Bad Boys and Gangstas: ASK THEM WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM! They're attracted by your lifestyle, that swag. Can she accept the downfalls that come with it??

If so, when those unfortunate times come to pass you'll have a true Rider ridin' with you. If she says no, make her feet touch the gravel and tell her get on! No need wasting your time. She's a liability.

To the Ladies: Don't fuck with a flame if you don't like heat, ya heard? Meaning if you don't wanna be down during the Hard Times, don't be down at all. Find you a square, an L7, a fuckboy or something. You don't need a Thug.

So should she leave him or stay while he's in jail??

The answer is STAY 100%! She knew what it was when she got it!!


Thank you for reading. Please comment and leave your opinion.

Monday, February 1, 2010

THAT Bitch

Women always complain that the world is full of assholes and there are no good men left, but the truth is – those assholes may have at one time been good dudes….Until SHE got a hold of him.

Yep, you know her, or at least you are familiar with her work. She’s that bitch that ruined that rare gem of a good man for the rest of us. She made him feel so stupid or so small (no double meaning intended) that he decided he will never again put himself in a position to feel that heartache or embarrassment and then poof! He morphed into an asshole.

We all know the ways to spot an asshole – Mr. I’m-going-to-use-you-for-sex-and-not-call-you-any-other-time, Mr. I-have-more-kids-than-toes-and-don’t-take-care-of-none-of-them (kids OR toes yo), Mr. I’m-scared-of-commitment-because-I-might-wanna-fuck-someone-else, Mr. Say-I-love-you-when-I’m-drunk-and-act-like-it-never-happened – I could go on forever. So instead of taking the obvious route and male bashing (which I am usually dead set against) we are going to go straight to the root of the problem and talk about ways to spot “that bitch”.

Women have been bringing men down since the beginning of time. Eve tricked her husband into eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and there it was, the tone was set for a woman’s dark side to be sneaky and deceptive in nature. Men always say they want a woman just like their mama, but let’s re-think this – your mama might be “that bitch” in which case, do the opposite. Take a look at the woman you’re with and see if she’s too much of the following:

That bitch comes in many shapes and sizes but you can usually tell her by her long relationship rap sheet. She has more exes than underwear and changes them just as frequently. She is usually the type of woman who is never “alone” for more than a month or two. She might also tend to build her own personality based on her current man’s interests and beliefs. She may have an extensive history of “homie hoppin” or over lapping sexual relationships that will cause you turmoil. She is usually also the type of girl who will start a fight with a big ass dude and then say “My boyfriend is gonna kick your ass!!!”.

In most cases that bitch will be so gorgeous that your penis will not care about the substance of her character. Your penis will tell you that just because she didn’t answer her phone all night on Friday doesn’t mean that was her spotted leaving the club with ole boy. Your penis will tell you that she loves only you and is as virtuous as Mother Theresa….until she uses you up and disposes of you when a more lucrative opportunity arises.

That bitch is also usually a bit high maintenance, her selfish nature will probably be obvious to everyone but you. She might even change into something resembling a respectable woman, but I promise you, after a few years of marriage, her simple bitch tendencies will rear their ugly head again. So, before you even get that far, run your lady down the following check list. If you check more than one of these things off the list – Get rid of her, yesterday.

1) This broad has at any point, no matter how far in the past, been romantically linked to any of your friends or family members.

2) She currently has a significant other. Even if he's in jail...she's bad news.

3) She's under 25 and has more than 1 baby daddy or over 25 and has more than 2.

4) She is currently employed as a stripper.

5) She has had a previous boyfriend put in jail - for ANY reason.

6) She cannot count her ex boyfriends on one hand (2 if she's over 35).

7) She brings you around her child(ren) right away, and they dont even seem weirded out by their mom with some guy.

8) She has more than 4 girlfriends that she claims to be close with.

9) She automatically expects you to spend money on her.

10) Your mom hates her and has a valid reason for it.

If any part of this was not clear please refer to December's "Chickenheadz" post.

•Special thanks to Miss Nailah Summers AKA @gnarleybynature for suggesting this topic. #skreefasquad. Yes, I just hashtagged in my blog.