Saturday, March 6, 2010

Depths of a Thug by Warchild - 3rd Entry

Pussy Crooks

Who are these pussy crooks?
They are the boyfriends and baby daddies that shack up with a woman and play house - get the woman knocked up - or just end up being with her for years - beat the pussy up - knock the lining out that pussy - wear her down - cock block on another man - but will NEVER marry her ass.

Watch out ladies, he's wanted dead or alive by women across America. He's extorting the pussy....he's the Pussy Crook.

C'mon, walk with me...

Does he buy you a ring and say this is a promise or commitment ring? Some crooks might go so far as to say it's an actual engagement ring, call you his wifey, he's #1. Some will buy you whatever they can afford, but never walk your ass down that aisle or give you that last name. Beware: these Pussy Crooks steal the pussy and hold it hostage!

The drama of a crook being with a woman playing house but never marrying her is far more common than most women probably know. While marriage is not a top priority for some women, most women dream of getting married and it's their man saying HELL NAW, not now.

Most of these crooks add insult to injury by eventually leaving that long term relationship with you or the mother of their child and marrying some other woman they barely know. Stepping off and making the next broad an honest woman is a hurtful, but not the real issue.

The real issue is - Why don't they marry the woman that's been down for years or the woman who brought life to their seeds? Why are these crooks content with just playing house??

The effect it has on women is immeasurable. Most women equate marriage to self esteem. Having a husband for her gives her a sense of worthiness and value. Just the word "husband" and being able to say they have one gives a woman a sense of superiority. And the actual wedding - ladies know - they want to invite everyone they know, even if they don't like them, just so they can watch them get married and show that - yes, they are worthy. Even if they went through hell and back to make it happen. Women believe that if a man doesn't marry her there is something wrong with her.

Part of that reason is because a man that doesn't wanna marry you, but doesn't wanna lose you will focus on all your negative traits, past mistakes and plain ole dumb shit sometimes to support his position of stalling so that the woman begins to believe that she is not worthy of marriage. All the while these crooks enjoy her good qualities and comforts of her playing wifey. He has all the benefits and none of the commitment.

The painful reality for most is that once a man sees a flaw in you he may never marry you. He will always think he can do better. That the grass is greener on the other side.

A crook doesn't even have to have another woman in mind to assume the grass is greener somewhere else. When women meet a man that they develop feelings for and think he may be the one they GIVE UP THE PUSSY, move in with him and start playing wifey without the commitment. Cooking, cleaning, washing his draw's, dealing with his mama, putting up with his friends (ole crazy mahfuckas) - all in hopes of getting that ring and even more importantly - being his REAL wife.

No matter what some women do, there are certain men, crooks to the heart, who are just NEVER going to commit and will always have an excuse. With this crook, it doesn't matter how well you perform fellatio, that you put up with his bitchy mother, deal with all his other kids, get freaky in bed, run the house, help him with is business, turn a blind eye to his cheating, drug abuse or physical abuse - he will NEVER MARRY YOU - he's a CROOK, You could have wings on your back and an endorsement from Jehovah Himself and he will think he can do better, or that there is no benefit to that level of commitment.

Don't get it twisted ladies, the ones that don't wanna get married will tell you from the get go. Some will repeat it daily. The ones that don't tell ya'll give you clues like cheating, never setting a wedding date, or just never discussing it at all.

There are men out there that are looking for what you are too. When you find you the one that is it for you it is BLISS, but don't be afraid to say this ain't it. There is no crime in letting go of something that isn't working for you.

Finally, don't blame your man 100% for your situation - ultimately, you stayed because YOU wanted to. A Pussy Crook can only get away with what you allow. So at the end of the day, he may be stringing you along but you gave him the rope.

So beware of those Pussy Crooks!! And stay lovin those Thugs!!

This was inspired by the Pussy Crooks I know personally and this is dedicated to my 9 year old daughter Aaliyah who is too young to understand, but when she becomes a woman will avoid that type of man...Walk with me next week.

Warchild A.K.A urmahs

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  1. It is fair to say, then, that if "Pussy Crooks" are squatters, then those who are willing to commit and get married are at best signing a rental agreement. "Pussy-Landlord agrees that this pussy belongs to you, until the lease lapses, or you vacate the premises. And if you vacate without proper notification and/or purpose, you will still be responsible for all rent until as such Pussy-lord fands another tenant. PussyLord may interview or show pussy ot other prospective tenants at any time".
    I agree that dudes who are in long-term relationships should either shit or get off the pussy-pot (what a disgusting visual). But if being married gives a guy as little assurance of trust n fidelity as being unattatched, then why bother?